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This method uses aimpoint shooting targets, which are available for free here. Keep in mind that this is an article and not real training, and there is no substitute for getting out there and learning from each shot. Anpeq15 advanced target pointerilluminator aiming light. If you need to re zero your favorite deer rifle, here is a deadsimple way to zero your rifle in two or three shots. Test your shooting skills and experience the difference between an aimpoint.

Feb 25, 2020 3 each shot is fired using the same aiming point center of mass of the target from a supported firing position. Zero an m16a2 rifle conditions on a 25meter range, given an m16a2 rifle, 18 rounds of 5. The method is based on the principle of moving your crosshairs to the pointofimpact poi of your first shot. This makes it possible to return to your windage zero exactly every time. They are also often used to double check a zero and make adjustments as needed. Assume you have a 300 yard zero on your rifle and you know your target is at 400 yards.

This is the reason the marine corps uses 36 in zeroing. This target is also commonly used to zero ar15 pattern rifles. The m16a2 300meter zero target will be used for 25meter zeroing with all weapon configurations. If you need to rezero your favorite deer rifle, here is a deadsimple way to zero your rifle in two or three shots. The targets simulate a 300 meter target, scaled to size.

Each click of the screw adjustment 11 corresponds to a 16 mm movement of the point of impact at 100 meters, 4 mm at 25 meters and 32 mm at 200 meters or 1. Using these targets will save time and ammunition, while at the same time providing tighter groups and a better zero. The zero range is the range that a firearm is sighted at. Zeroing target nsn 6920014820098 armament training. Acog and m68 cheat sheet personal weapons tools free 30. Optics for practical long range rifle shooting sponsored by this article covers the basic equipment, information, and skills required to successfully engage in practical longrange rifle shooting. When zeroing the m68, cco at 25 meters, a designated impact zone must be identified on the 25meter zero target. Find a local ffl that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you.

Im trying to figure out how many clicks per box on the standard army zero targets set at 25m. Acog and m68 cheat sheet free download as powerpoint presentation. Place target out at 25 meters, and fire three rounds, adjusting iron sights as needed after every three rounds until all three rounds fall within the circle in the center. On side 1 the 25 meter m4 carbine zeroing target and on side 2 the 25 meter m16a2 zeroing target. Once you have a zero at 25 yards, back the target back to 50 yards and repeat. New targets cut ammo use for soldiers zeroing their weapons. Targeting the m1, m14 and m16 service rifles fulton armory. These targets are designed for use during the zeroing or sighting in process. After doing that, adjust your sights or scope to move the group on the page. Targeting is the process of adjusting the front sight of an m1, m14 or m16 service rifle or their civilian equivalents so that the shooter can get the most benefit from the adjustability of the rear sight. Jul 01, 2012 assume you have a 300 yard zero on your rifle and you know your target is at 400 yards. Target m4 carbine 25 meter zeroing target print free.

If searching for a ebook m68 cco manual in pdf form, then youve come to the loyal website. Everybody using the target knows what the adjustment is supposed to be. Learn those comeups cold, and youll be on target all the way out to yards, as long as you know 1 your rifles initial sight settings and 2 the range to your target. The following is just a collection of my observations on the effectiveness of the m4 with its current standardissue systems based on my experiences here in khandahar province. Starting from center mass of the 300meter silhouette on the 25meter zero target. M68 cco tm pdf electronic copies of the small arms integration book saib in adobe pdf format. To mark the proper 10meter target offsets find the correct template for your weapon configuration. Searches m4 laser boresight target printable m4 m68 zero target. I do not remember now if the bullet strike was to be at the aiming point or off set for battle range of 200or 300 yards if i remember correctly it was elsenborn barracks, near german border.

You can find zeroing target available for each sight model in the current. Zeroing, or sighting in, a rifle is the process of aligning the sights on the weapon with the rifle so you can accurately aim at your target from a set distance. Advanced rifle marksmanship added other marksmanship situations that a combat. It drops out just past 900 and it will have a 36 moa drop with 100yd zero, and a 34 moa drop with a 200 yard zero. At this point, you should only need to adjust the elevation. M68 zero target pdf zeroing with aimpoint shooting target. Will a 25 yard zero m1 garand get me close at 200 yards. Target 1in white dot with 1in square zeroing pattern.

In keeping with their focus on accuracy, rifles are typically designed to be held with both hands and braced against the shooters shoulder for stability during firing. A poapoi zero at 25 meters does not a 300 meter zero make. The 50 yard zero provides for effective centermass hits on target at the ranges where a. We shouldnt need a special target if we know how far we move the point of impact per click. This target provides a 300 meter zero for m16 ar15 a2 and a4 style rifle 83 iron sights. Jul 09, 2017 we are continuing our discussion on the m68 close combat optic, or cco. The reference for this is tm 912404p dated may 20, and tc 322.

How to zero your hunting rifle the easy way daily bulletin. Rifle marksmanship diagnostic and training guide dtic. I read in the black heart international book by mike pannone that the acog has moa adjustments and the cco is 12 moa adjustment. This target has a 1 white dot in the center of the target with a 1 x 1 square grid. The firing line is cleared, and he moves downrange to examine the shot group. Way with the requirement to engage a number of targets from pbr to 300m. On a 25meter firing range, given an m16a1 rifle, 18 rounds of 5.

Just rotate the left dial on your rear sights three clicks up rotating the dial back towards you, or, in other words, clockwise, and fire your shot by the numbers. This target rifle is basically a copy of the anschutz model 1411. There has been incorrect info passed on as to the point of aimpoint of impact offset with the m68 this is why i hate zeroing at 25m. Compared to standard shooting targets, zeroing with the aimpoint zeroing target is more precise.

M4m16 25meter twosided zeroing target action target. These targets are designed to take advantage of the human eyes natural tendency to center an object within a circle. A youth rifle is a rifle designed or modified for fitting children, or smallframed shooters. This can be your local gun shop, pawn shop, gun range or any other location that holds a current ffl and will help you with your transaction. May 14, 2012 the goal with zero is to get small target groups consistently. The method is based on the principle of moving your cross. The trajectory of the round crosses the sight plane at 36 meters as it would at 300. To ensure a consistent zero, tap the scope with the palm of your hand to stabilize the adjustment mechanism after an adjustment has been made, and then fire a threeshot group on the target. Mounting the m68 on an m16a4 rifle or m4series carbine. For example if you are shooting a rifle with a scope that is sighted in at 200 yards that means that if you want to shoot a target that is 200 yards away you should place the crosshair dead center on the target, because that is the range it is zeroed at. The m16 rifle, officially designated rifle, caliber 5. Firearm discussion and resources from ar15, ak47, handguns and more.

Nov 02, 2014 how to zero your hunting rifle the easy way. They are usually very light, with a greatly shortened length of pull, which is necessary to accommodate children. Obtaining a 200 m zero with m16 rifle and m4 carbine dtic. Figure zeroing procedures rifle marksmanship m16a1. Acog and m68 cheat sheet personal weapons tools free. As a service rifle competitive shooter that shot the m14 for many years, consider reduced distance zeroing good enough to get you on paper, but there is no substitute for zeroing at the actual distance desired. The targets overall design and use of color tends to be ideal for zeroing a wide variety of firearms and optics in many different lighting conditions. The m1a is the springfield armoryproduced civilian semiauto only. Download m68 cco zero target pdf free assetmanager. This target rifle shows the correct front and rear target sights. If youre running a range and need to have a cheat sheet on how to zero the acog and cco. It will have a 34 moa drop with 100 yard zero and 33 moa drop with 200 yard zero. As a new infantry replacement in europe janfeb 1945, i believe we made a final check for zero on our rifles at a range of inches, 27.

To make the elevation knob graduations correspond, get a good zero at 200 yardsmeters. Sighting in your m1 garand or m1a rifle guns and garden. Shipping policy you must be 18 or older to purchase long guns. Now that weve covered the target itself, lets talk ballistics. The goal with zero is to get small target groups consistently. Adjust the sights to move the shot group center as close as possible to the white dot in the center of the target. Just print the appropriate zeroing target, which is available in a4 pdf format, and bring. Mask the sight base to receiver, and windage knob to receiver and paint marks as shown in the pic. The springfield armory m1a standard rifle is beast because of its homage another nonteen word to military history. With average shooters, hess said, it took 18 to 35 rounds to zero a weapon with the old. Sight, reflex, collimator, m68 close combat optic cco compm2 aimpoint nsn 1240014111265 niin 014111265. A rifle is a singleperson portable, longbarrelled firearm designed for accurate shooting, with a barrel that has a helical pattern of grooves rifling cut into the bore wall. Determine your no wind zero at no less than 200 ydsmeters.

You no longer have to estimate the number of clicks needed to zero the sight. May, 2017 everybody using the target knows what the adjustment is supposed to be. Place firearm in solid rest and center dot on the target. Each square equals a predetermined number of click adjustments at a certain distance 25m, 50m or 100m. That coupled with a number of senior guys abandoning the use of the m68 on the qual range and just using iron sights as they didnt have a warm fuzzy about the m68. However, i have been trying unsuccessfully to get the m1 carbine 25 yard targeting. He worked with ash hess, john brady, and paul meacham on developing the new zero target that will be discussed today. An item designed to be fired at from a specified range during the practicing with or testing of firearms such as pistols, rifles, and the like. The m68 close combat optic cco is a red dot aiming device for an m16 series. Standards using 18 rounds or less, the soldier must battlesight zero his rifle by achieving five out of six rounds in two consecutive shot groups within the 4centimeter circle. The springfield armory m1a standard rifle outdoor hub. At 25 meters, 16 clicks move the bullet 1 inch two m4 zero target squares or 8 clicks per square on m4 zero target.

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